Clear Vision Classes

For around two years, students were confined within the four walls of the home and had to study online. This was taken as a precautionary step to safeguard students from the pandemic that was taking a heavy toll on life. But now, with pandemic almost vanishing and the normal life has begun again, governments around the world have started implementing in person classes that is teaching students offline, rather than online. Let us look at the realities why is offline teaching a better option than online learning!

Better and more productive learning experiences:

During pandemic, one of the vital challenges that every student who wanted to clear a competitive examination was that he lacked encouragement and motivation to crack the examination. Students during the pandemic had an access to toys and electronic gadgets and therefore, they lost concentration and focus quite easily.

When the point is about getting a personalized attention from the teachers, offline learning is thought to be much better and effective than online learning. With regards to productivity and efficiency, offline learning is considered to be a better alternative. A student learns more when he listens to the teacher physically. The direct relationship between a teacher and student is what enhances the pace and quality of learning to a great extent. At the same time, students have ample number of opportunities to work and collaborate with the peers. As a result, they can broaden the horizon of their knowledge base and can be benefitted from the information and explanations, given by the teachers in the classes.

Support for various learning techniques and methods:

It is observed by the experts that students usually learn the best through one or more combination of learning styles. These are:

Visual: This is learning by seeing, observing or watching different kinds of sessions and through demonstration of lessons.

Auditory: This is usually done by listening to the information and instruction.

Reading and writing: Learning by reading and by writing about different kinds of words, a student can learn about many things!

Some of the students who are more interested in one or more learning styles, can encounter different kinds of challenges. Some students find it comparatively easier to learn and appreciate newly taught concepts and skills, when they are provided with opportunities to apply them in the classrooms. Teachers can have a better understanding of the students and their learning styles if they see them everyday and that is possible only with offline learning. With this understanding and analysis by the teachers, they can customize lessons and activities to ensure that all the students understand them thoroughly. They are also entrusted with the responsibility to provide additional materials for reference that could help the students to overcome any kind of difficulties that they face with the subject matter.

Opportunities for social growth:

Friends who share the same goal as you, are very significant in one’s life. They provide for a very significant kind of motivation and brings enrichment in your life. Social growth happens because of your ability to communicate with one another, effectively. This results into formation of a good social circle, which is a blessing of offline classes. There are a wide variety of reasons why a student should opt for an interpersonal communication, rather than going for virtual communication where a student might not find the right kind of environment. When students continuously socialize and enhance friendships, they can learn more about themselves and develop empathy for others and their conditions. They can manage their stress and anxieties in a better and effective way!

Enhanced mental health:

Everyone’s mental health was adversely affected during the pandemic. It was the result of social isolation. During the times, there were intensified traumas in the families as they lost their dear ones. With movements and travels restricted, there were many kinds of psychological and emotional upheavals that one had to face. Since students were not permitted to attend offline classes, they could not get more human interaction and physical activities from their in-person classes. Also, there were not able to receive sunlight as they were compelled to stay indoors. Sunlight is considered as an essential component in keeping mental health fine!

Practical knowledge:

Online education is entirely theory based. This makes it difficult for students to understand the parts practically. Also, students are restricted as they cannot express themselves in an open way. Offline classes allow students to receive practical knowledge of the topics and thus assists them in formulation of strong concepts altogether! Offline classes are a boon and they will remain so till the end!

Clear vision offline classes by Pramod Olaniya are an excellent option for those who wish to excel and stand out different from the crowd. Assured success as the students can here communicate directly with the teachers and they are various sessions conducted by the teachers for the benefit of the students! Go and join their offline classes now and shine bright in the sky, where there is no limit!